26 Sep

Fabrice with his Fully Scaled Mirror

Author: Jason

The weather has been hot again all week with the temperature hitting a nice 27 degrees.

The lake has been quiet all week which has given the carp a nice rest and also some jobs that needed doing around the lake.

All the pegs have been mowed and tidied up with snags being removed from their swims and the lake is looking great.

Fabrice called in on Saturday for a 24hr session on peg 5 and caught a lovely fully scaled mirror on Saturday evening which weighed 5kg – 11lb.

He was very pleased with himself as he had never caught a fully scaled mirror before.

The fully scaled mirror was caught on the far bank from peg 5 on a single white chocolate boilie.

We have some old friends coming over from the UK next week and really looking forward to a weeks carp fishing with them and having a few beers.

Tight lines all the time at Lake Beaumont, the best carp fishing holiday in the South of France.

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