15 Feb

Bait testing in the Dordogne

Author: Jason

We welcomed Barry from Sticky Baits to come over and do some carp fishing in the Dordogne.

Sticky Baits had some new baits to try out so Barry, Laurent and myself set up on bankside to do a few days carp fishing.

There was a wide range of pop-ups, bottom baits and pellets to try, so we choose our baits and off we went to test them.

We had sunshine and showers over the next few days which paid of for Laurent with his double catch of two stunning mirror carps.

His first mirror carp on the bank weighed 12kg – 26lb 4oz then five minutes later his second was on the bank tipping the scales at 17kg – 37lb 4oz.

Well done Laurent and thanks to Barry from Sticky Baits for a great few days fishing.

Tight lines from Lake Beaumont, the best carp fishing holiday in the South of France.

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