20 Feb

Carp fishing in the South of France

Author: Jason

The sun is shinning and its a nice 14 degrees but feels warmer with the sun beaming down on you.

We have a couple of friends carp fishing down on peg 5 Riga P Florian and Bernard Maxence.

Riga said he has been looking forward to this trip to the lake for a long time as its the best carp fishing in the south of France.

Bernard said they had showers through the night and when they stopped their rods burst into life.

They both have had nice fish on the bank and Riga said he wants the big one this year, but he holds the heaviest caught last year a mirror carp weighing 22kg – 48lb 5oz.

Good luck lads and looking forward to seeing your photos later today.

Tight lines when carp fishing in the Dordogne.

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