26 Apr

Great start for Rick in the Dordogne

Author: Jason

We had Tony, Kim Rick and Charmaine turn up for a 10 day fishing holiday in the south of France.

The weather was good when they arrived at the lake with a nice cool breeze in the sun shine.

It did not take Rick long to set his camp up for his fishing holiday and had his rods set up ready for the nights fishing.

It was about 9.30pm in the night when Ricks rod burst in to life from the far bank on peg 2.

After 15 minutes of playing his fish he had a nice mirror carp on the bank, with a big smile on his face when he saw the scales hit 13kg 600g – 30lb, well done Rick.

We also had a new 2011 lake recored caught on Sunday night with Cedric landing a 23kg 500g 51lb 8oz, awaiting photos.

Well the weather is great here at lake Beaumont the best carp fishing in the Dordogne, tight lines

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