5 May

Tony gets his PB fishing in France

Author: Jason

It was a Saturday afternoon and Tony decided to go down to peg 5.

We took his baits out on the boat and placed them on a few hot spots we know along the main bank.

After sinking a few beer in the hot sunshine and talking about different rigs which work best on the lake his right hand rod had a little bleep.

After 35 minutes in the water he decided to strike  and hooked into a fish which took him towards the snags.

He played the fish well and it was on its way to the net but the fish had other ideas 15 meters out.

25 minutes later she was in the net and Tony had a big smile on his face as he realized how big she was.

After we weighed her at 22kg 125g – 48lb 8oz Tony said thats the best fishing he has had whilst being in the Dordogne.

Well Done Tony and Rick for catching some stunning carp whilst on your fishing holiday in the south of France.

Until next time tight lines.

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