7 Jun

Richard comes carp fishing in the south of France

Author: Jason

Richard arrived on sunday for a weeks carp fishing after a 5 year break from being on bank side.

He was egger to get his rods in so he set up camp on peg 5 as he said he had been following our facebook and a lot of the fish had been caught on peg 5.

It was not long before he was into his first fish a nice mirror carp weighing 10kg 150g – 22lb 4oz caught on a 20mm single peach bottom bait.

He then caught a common carp followed by the koi carp which is the first time its been out on the bank this year and it tipped the scales at 8kg 980g – 19lb 8oz.

Whilst eating his full english breakfast his middle rod burst into life and after a short battle he had a stunning mirror carp on the bank which weighed 17kg 250g – 38lb.

Richard then told us that he has been carp fishing in the south of france before but never caught so many fish in his first day on the bank and that he his really enjoying the lake.

So until next time keep those lines tight when carp fishing in the dordogne.

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