28 Dec

winter wonderland!

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We had our first frost of the year! It turned the lake into a winter wonderland……we’re looking forward to draining the lake and taking out the little fish in the new year, so our big ones get even bigger….considering that we had a couple of 51lbders just recently, how big will the big ones get???

Come and find out at Lake Beaumont, the best carp fishing in the South of France!057 (800x600) 058 (800x600)

30 Nov

Another beauty!

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Yannick and Valentin had a great day on the lake today…..a beautiful 48lb mirror carp, 30th of November and they’re still biting well at Lake Beaumont! Just goes to show we have the biggest, fattest fish in the South of France.006 (800x600)009 (800x600)

The Crafty Catcher came to Lake Beaumont for a friendly France vs England 2 day fishing competition this November. The French immediately took an early lead,  catching fish after fish in the 30lb bracket….the poor English were trailing BUT after a crafty change of tactics the English team hit the back of the net with a massive 50.4lb mirror carp!

The fishes then came thick and fast, with fish after fish the French were on the back foot and the Crafty Catcher came through for a well earned victory!029 (800x600)036 (800x600)


21 Oct

Quick carp!

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Hey carpists!

Mark continues his run of luck at Lake Beaumont( the best carp fishing lake in the South of France)007 (800x600)013 (800x600). He is spending ten minutes a day fishing and continues to haul out 30lb + carp every time. Can you beat his luck? Sign up for our special winter deal (£50 off per person for Nov, Dec, Jan,and Feb) and see if you can bag a beastie…..


Tight Lines x

20 Oct

Super Cheap winter offer!!

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6-6-2011 Mirror Carp 17kg 250g - 38lbCalling all tough fishermen (and ladies)!

Lake Beaumont, the best carp fishing in the South of France, is offering a stunning winter deal..

   £50 off  PER PERSON!!!!!!

If you book for November or December 2014 or January and February 2015. This means that during the winter season the drive and survive package is £150 per person per week and the airport package is £325 per person per week!

Remember too that flights to Bergerac are really cheap on the off season, just check out Ryanair.

And the fish will be really, really……….BIG! 

Tight Lines people xx

18 Oct

Frisky fishes!

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Hello all!


It’s a beautiful day in October and I think the fish are still as frisky as they are in summer…….

Mark caught a lovely 36.5lb carp and wanted to get the obligatory fish photos but his fish had other ideas! We struggled to get one photo and…flick….the fish was gone! Ahh, well, keep fishing Mark!

Tight Lines x006 (800x600)002 (800x600)

15 Oct

Big fish, small rod!

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Isn’t it always the way?

Our friend Mark stopped by to do a spot of fishing using a fly rod……. and immediately hooked a 32lb carp! Fortunately he managed to bring it in, with a bit of a fight but none the worse for all that. Just goes to show, don’t put  rod in lake Beaumont unless you want to get a big carp!

Tight Linesmark fish (1)

15 Oct

Lake Beaumont re-opens!

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029 (800x600)Hello all carp fishers!

Lake Beaumont has re-opened! We have been closed to the public for the last two years but we are now taking bookings for the new season starting October 2014. There have been quite a few developments; the carp are even bigger than ever, we have added a lovely pagoda to have lunch in right by the lake (and protect you from the sun or rain) and we now have a vegetable garden so that we can serve some lovely fresh salads!

Looking forward to seeing you.

Tight lines!

Richard arrived on sunday for a weeks carp fishing after a 5 year break from being on bank side.

He was egger to get his rods in so he set up camp on peg 5 as he said he had been following our facebook and a lot of the fish had been caught on peg 5.

It was not long before he was into his first fish a nice mirror carp weighing 10kg 150g – 22lb 4oz caught on a 20mm single peach bottom bait.

He then caught a common carp followed by the koi carp which is the first time its been out on the bank this year and it tipped the scales at 8kg 980g – 19lb 8oz.

Whilst eating his full english breakfast his middle rod burst into life and after a short battle he had a stunning mirror carp on the bank which weighed 17kg 250g – 38lb.

Richard then told us that he has been carp fishing in the south of france before but never caught so many fish in his first day on the bank and that he his really enjoying the lake.

So until next time keep those lines tight when carp fishing in the dordogne.

Well our summer has come early this year with no rain in April which is rare  for the Dordogne.

The carp fishing on the lake at the moment is very good as we have had some stunning fish to grace the bank.

At the weekend around 1.30am there was a knock on my door and it was Cedric looking very excited.

So off i went to see wall all the fuss was about, then in his net was a monster of a carp and as we got her out and weighed her she took the scales round to 23kg 200g – 51lb 1oz.

After a few photos and a couple of beers Cedric said that this lake was the best fishing in France and he was chuffed with his new PB.

Lets hope the big ones keep on coming for the lads who have booked for 2011 the best carp fishing in the Dordogne.

Tight lines.