The Lake

A beautiful spring fed 7 ½ acre French carp lake, set in 15 acres of mature land situated in the picturesque Dordogne.


The lake was establish and untouched for 30 years as a black bass lake, we have now owned the lake for the past 7 years and have completely drained and cleaned out the lake, making sure there are no snags and foreign objects.

Lake Stock

When we drained the lake in spring 2007, all small stock was removed and given to local fisheries, the remaining large stock that was put back are as follows, Catfish 100Ib plus, Zander up to 20Ib, Carp 50Ib plus (Leather, Grass, Mirror, Linear, Common Carp) and Black Bass up to 7Ib, our stock level at the moment stands at approx 150 fish.

Fishing Pegs

We have constructed 4 prime spot single pegs and 2 double pegs, situated so that you get a good choice of sporting fishing.

Quick Facts

  • Lake size: 7 ½ acre
  • Lake depth: From 3 feet to a massive 20 foot
  • Spring Fed
  • 6 recently constructed pegs (4 single, 2 double)
  • Night fishing allowed
  • Secure Lake
  • No bait limit
  • Catfish up to 100Ib
  • Carp up to 50Ib plus